How To Create A Cult Product

“Creating a cult product doesn’t just happen out of the blue! It takes steps, planning, market appraisal!”

So the ‘process people’ would have you believe. You know the ones. The accountant-y types, who like to have a replicable formula for everything. The types that think that luck, creative spark and nostalgia have no part in a venture.

Sadly, those are not the people that actually create the products. Whatever it is – a game, an app, a toy – it’s the accountants who yell the loudest, but it’s the developers, the designers and the customers who really know the truth.

Creating a cult product really does happen by chance. You can measure market behaviour, take opinion polls, and line up all the jazzy PR you want – but it’s the true fans in your niche that make or break what you’re doing.

Ask the developers at Sega. The guys behind Line. The team over at Snapchat.

All these amazing tools and platforms that have ripped through our culture like wildfire, and truly achieved cult status? They weren’t driven by the accountants.

Maybe once they were up and rolling, but to begin with, it was people who truly loved the idea, and who were obsessive and fanatical and absolutely unrelenting in their belief that their idea was precious and worth pursuing – even if the market didn’t care.

That’s where the magic of creating a cult product comes from. The unfettered adoration of the creator. If you don’t believe you product – be it game, app or web tool – is the most fantastic, scream-it-from-the-rooftop idea, then no one else will either.