Why We’re Taking A Break

As you’re well aware by now, Turf Geography Club is no longer. We had to make the call last year to pull the plug, as it really hadn’t gotten the traction we had expected, or that it needed to be viable long term.

Our investors were standing by, ready to pour more liquid gold into Turf. They were nothing but supportive, and gave us much invaluable advice throughout the process. But we all had to be realistic, and we could no longer justify spending their capital when Turf should have been financially independent long ago.

To be honest with you, it’s not just the financial difficulty that convinced us to bow out. Our team have all been absolute troopers, pulling outrageously long hours for months and months on end. We worked through the night. We skipped meals. We missed parties and birthdays anniversaries. We have all poured every last drop of creativity, energy and sheer force of will into this project.

And it’s broken us.

We’re all utterly exhausted. Literally empty. I can’t get enough of sleeping and eating, and I don’t think I will have had my fill for a few months more yet.

To that end, we’re all under mandate to rest, recover and recuperate. One of the investors is so serious about this that he ordered each of us a massage table from Massage World, so that we could have a therapist come to our homes to give us deep tissue massages whenever we need them. I for one will be doing this weekly, as my posture was so damaged from months of furiously fast coding.

This blog is a last-ditch attempt to keep Turf alive. To honour the extremes we went to in building that little baby. To have a home for our nostalgia and a place to reflect. We can’t promise anything life-changing, but we’d love you to be part of it.