Our Favorite Things About Turf

Sigh. Turf was such an amazing game. We miss it. We get nostalgic sometimes, and that’s why we made this page. So we could come look at all the wonderful things other people say about it, and get some warm fuzzies when we need them. If you have something to add to this, you can always email it in to turf@turfgeographyclub.com


Turf Geography Club did a fabulous job at borrowing this visual style of Moonrise Kingdom, creating a game trailer that’d make any Khaki Scout proud… I totally dig the style of the whole thing.”

Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

Real life Monopoly mixed with Tiny Tower to create a unique and entertaining gaming experience. There are plenty of ways to achieve ‘world domination’ on your iPhone, but perhaps none are quite as literal as what you can do in Turf Geography Club.”

Know Your Apps

I know a couple of fellow obsessives who are playing so it has been very fun so far… the retro Ranger Rick/Smokey the Bear graphics are pretty cool indeed. So I am calling on all Foursquare obsessives to check out Turf.”

Bill Hartnett, Method Shop

The game is way different than anything you’ve played every before. ‘Real world Monopoly’ is the one-liner that founder Michael Tseng has used to describe the game. That description covers the basic premise of Turf, but under the surface you’ll find a much more interesting and complex game.”