About Turf Geography Club

Turf Geography Club launched a few years ago, much to the excitement of the gaming and social media worlds.

Based on the beloved 8-bit games of the 90s, it was the ultimate clash of man and environment. It was like real-life Monopoly, where you could claim dominion over the real world around you by checking in and dominating your friends.

Sadly, TGC didn’t get the traction all the true believers hoped it would. About 10,000 people downloaded it straight off the bat, but the growth just didn’t continue like that.

When you’re facing down investors who want a return on their money and an extremely fast-moving, competitive environment like game and app development, things can go south very quickly.

So while the game is no longer operational (*sob*), this site is dedicated to its memory, and to exploring the cultural, social and gaming implications TGC had in its short, beautiful life.

Thank you for being a part of it.